When I was younger, I was full of zeal. Unknowingly, I was judgmental and compassionless in many instances. I remember people that I hurt unintentionally because though I was sincere in my beliefs, without compassion, they often landed like bricks. With the pursuit of truth this can happen easily. Sincere in our pursuit we often exchange truth for knowledge and being right. We build our defenses around our understanding and retreat into them when confronted with new ideas or challenges. We strategize to ensure we can answer all the questions about our position to keep from being ambushed. We can do this with politics, religion, our day job, our lovers when we have arguments. We can become focused on winning and being right and lose sight of the purpose of truth.

The purpose of truth. Of knowing truth is to shine light on the darkness. To illuminate our understanding. To provide a foundation to stand on as the storms of life gather, sweep over us, and leave us. Truth provides the assurance that no matter what happens there are fundamentals that do not move. Truth is a lifelong pursuit.

There are those that claim to understand the truth. They offer convincing arguments for their perspectives but lack the compassion and humility that truth will bestow on those that embrace it. Truth is not boastful or judgmental but loving. This love does not excuse lies or tolerate evil but does have understanding for the wanderers. Truth has tenderness for the deceived and abused. Truth is strong and powerful to withstand onslaughts of accusations and attempts to overthrow it through crafty arguments and deception. Truth is a rock that a life can be built on.

Truth has been a pursuit of mine at different times in my life. I have often run hard to find truth. Dedicated to its discovery and determined to understand its depths. But at other times, to my shame I have abandoned the truth altogether. This has left me burdened by the knowledge of a joy that is no longer mine when I reflect on the freedom and goodness that came along with truth. Truth is fascinating. In the experience of this life it is like mining for a treasure. There are many false positives, countless pitfalls but, once in a great while, there is discovery that makes all the searching worth every moment.