How Free Are You? Plus Videos

You have been hacked, probably in ways that you don’t even realize.

Believe it or not you have been programmed since birth from your environment. Whether from family, nationality, religion and culture you have learned who to be and how to act your whole life. You probably know at the surface level how your family influences your decisions and choice perspectives but so do other things like nationality, religion and culture.

I will show you how deeply you have been influenced by these factors and especially the media when we work together. Whether it is the foods you eat or the beverages you drink, you are bombarded everyday with messages from television, movies or the latest songs and they have a larger impact than you would like to believe.

These are all areas of programming that set you on auto pilot for much of your life. I have listed some well-known examples below. You may think that you’re immune to such simple manipulation but companies worldwide wouldn’t spend $758 billion in US funds each year to influence you, if it didn’t work.

I will show you how you have been hacked and what we can do to overcome it. I will give you the tools to overwrite the script and launch your best life now! This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Short Examples Of How You Can Be Hacked Below

Long Examples Of How You Can Be Hacked Below