Why Coaching?

What happens if you keep doing what you’re doing?

How will that play out?

Personal Freedom can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you think you’re fine where you are, but you don’t see the gradual slide you’re on or the chaos that you are creating. It can go on for years. If you’re lucky, the time will come where something jars you enough to get your attention. It might be something scary or it might just be painful emotions that have hit a limit with you and they just can’t be ignored anymore. It doesn’t matter. Something has to be done. No one else can do it for you. Not many would even if they could.
You have to take action. It is time to take back your life.

I Can Help!

I hacked my Self-Sabotage when I was struggling with multiple modes of Self-Sabotaging behaviors. Common behaviors I dealt with were various addictions and counterproductive mindsets. I struggled with romantic relationships. I was restrained by religion, fear of failure, negative emotions like self-hatred and more. These self-destructive behaviors were blocks to the life I desired deep down inside. This created unhealthy behavior and life experiences until I cracked the code that was running my life.

I know from experience that there is a lot to overcome from the past for some of us. From negative behaviors that have been inherited or habits that we have developed over time. Sometimes, we need help to see things that are in our blind spot. An outside perspective can help us see our painful emotions more clearly and give an honest voice to help guide us.

Ultimately, you are the key to your best self. A coach can help accelerate the process of unlocking your potential, getting clarity on long term goals and silencing the critical internal voice. I am ready to help you design and achieve your best life today!

Your Best Is Possible

Imagine a life where you eat the best food, are healthy and fit, do what you were born to do, enjoy financial security, revel in healthy relationships and bask in peace of mind. Sound too good to be true? That life is possible now. You can leave behind the habits and harmful behaviors that have kept you from your best. You can leave habits and behaviors that have tripped you up. Once you understand how this world is designed to keep you from fulfilling your purpose and how that design can be hacked, you can start living your best life now. Let me teach you how to achieve results that go beyond your wildest desires.

Crack The Code – Be Your Best

The key to hacking is to understand the landscape. To do that you recon the target. What does the environment look like? What programs are running? What security is in place to keep things from changing? Now you know the layout, you execute your takeover.

We will look at the same things. What does your life look like? What programs are running? We’ll be able to tell by the results you are getting. Then we’ll discuss what defense mechanisms are in place in your life, how they are active and what we will do to disarm them to gain access to the operating system. Then we will rewrite the code running in the background to match your desires and reboot your life. The best is yet to come!

What Will You Gain From This?
You will understand the ROOTS of your self-sabotage.
You will SEE patterns of behavior that has led to counterproductive mindsets.
You will understand HOW you have been influenced directly and indirectly from your family, the media and other sources and how this has affected you personally.
You will understand WHY self-sabotage has stayed with you over the years.
You will understand the POWER you have over your own life.
You will RELEASE emotional pain.
You will END self-defeating behaviors.
You will STOP negative self-talk.
You will EMBRACE positive emotions.
You will ACCEPT the lessons about life and understand how to enjoy intimate relationships.
You will be given tools to enable you to REWRITE the programming so you can create the life you desire.
You will gain techniques that empower you to build immediate momentum that will ACCELERATE your ability to step into your dream life.
You will be FREE to create your very best life and fulfill your desires.

What Is The Coaching Experience Like?

Brian takes the time to walk you through a series of questions to the realization that a lot of the info we’ve been exposed to over the years has a direct detrimental effect on our subconscious thought processes.

We have to be mentally — be consciously made aware of the way our subconscious mind is attacked, for lack of a better word, to break out of habits we do not realize we have been subjected to, causing processes and habits we may not think are a hindrance to our progress.

Brian is patient through the process to help an individual find mastery over their thought processes and start moving certain patterns in their lives in the right direction.

-Clint in Texas

“It was an amazing experience,he’s very disarming, he asks the pinpoint question. Open up and let him guide you through these things and to your higher purpose.”

-Robin in Florida

Get the results you’re looking for!

Get There With A Coach
The best way to get where you want to go is to have a guide. Someone who knows the way and has been where you want to go. A person that can show you the path and point out the pitfalls along the way. I have been where you are and have travelled the road to freedom. Let me show you the way.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.
Let’s chat, you have everything to gain!

“If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more.”
― Harriet Tubman