Things are not what they seem.

Reality is based on our experiences. It is shaped by family, friends, and societal influences. Putting distance between ourselves and our past doesn’t equate to healing. The Creator set the game up to require participation. Ignore healing at your own risk. Do the work.

The longer we ignore the impact of the past the more fragile we become. Over time because emotions build up around that portion of our lives. At first, we can manage it (we think) and we keep the surge at bay. The pressure is not too great. But then, like a person with a finger in the dam to plug up a leak, a new leak erupts on another section of the dam. So now we use both hands and when the next leak breaks out then we use a toe. On it goes until we can’t plug it up anymore and the flood begins, and we’re swept away. It can take a long time for this to happen. Often, we have built up enough stamina to withstand the flood for a surprisingly long time. For some of us our grip is good, and we don’t get washed away until we drown in it. The wall around our hearts protects us from the pain but eventually it just isn’t enough. It never can be.

When our walls are overtaken by the past we end up with breakdowns, bankruptcies, broken families, cancer, you name it, it happens. Try as though we may, we can’t hold off the inevitable. We weren’t designed to. We were created to experience the lives we are in and not suppress the emotions that we feel as we go through the experience. When we do disaster strikes. It may not be immediate, but it always catches up. We were designed to live fully in the moment. Anytime we repress our emotions about our reality it becomes a burden to our future selves. The more we do it the more a drag it becomes on us sailing in full joy through this life. As the drag increases our ship will dip into the ocean of life and take on more water. This process creates a cycle that is hard to get out of. We take on more water then rush to bail it out. The cycle wears us down so eventually we have a decision to make. Do we keep going and accept the eventual outcome and sink or do we change course, recover and sail better through life? We have options. We don’t have to relive everything we have gone through to change course. Those things can be healed without reexperiencing them. We can acknowledge them and the impact they have had on our lives without them becoming an anchor. We can chart a course that allows us to recuperate and enjoy the peaceful seas. Maybe for the first time in a long time we can start to breathe easy.

We have to take a step back and assess our lives and see where they are. If we have multiple tears in the fabric of our lives, we need to take quick action to keep things from getting out of hand. We need to change the course, so we don’t end up at the bottom of the ocean of life.
Realize that we all have greatness within. We are not here by accident. The Creator that designed this amazing experience designed each of us with talents and gifts that are for us and for the world to be blessed by and enjoy. As we step out of the pain, fears and insecurities of the past, we can truly embrace our design and start to experience this life for what it is. A gift that we get to experience and share with others. Leave your perception based on the past behind, move into the present and the color and beauty of this life will become a daily breath of fresh air. Chart a new course today and see where it takes you!