Multiple ancient texts state our purpose is to work. We create, we lead, we celebrate taking care of things under our influence. Be present in this moment, know yourself, and let go of distractions and baggage. Make time and work here sacred by aligning it with your who you are.

Most of us started working to make money. We looked around and saw what occupations paid well and had an environment that we found interesting or tolerable. We dedicated ourselves to a path of work that provided cars, homes and other things that we wanted but we did so in a vacuum. The rampant alcohol and drug abuse among the plethora of addictions that malign the landscape of humanity are clear indicators that we are out of touch. We are out of touch with the way we were designed. We are out of touch with our purpose. We are in bondage to a world that does not love us and wants to squeeze all it can out of us because we submit to it. We don’t have to submit to such lives. We have the ability to know ourselves and know our reason for being here.

For a long time, some of humanity has twisted work into a form of control and domination. A means of stealing energy and life from others to fulfill selfish desires of power and greed. This is perpetuated to this day where people live in fear of not being enough and conforming to the world around them instead of looking to the genius that is within. We live in a technological age where people have more ability to create and be rewarded than any time we can remember. The war of work is raging as the old system is fighting for survival. The old system demands that people be in chairs in cubicles in buildings they control to be in meetings in concrete jungles as a form of control.

The rebels are looking within and stepping out into the unknown and creating new roads to success. They are setting themselves free from the shackles of corporatism and fulfilling their purpose by creating services and content that reflect who they are. Pursuing work and creation that reflects how we are designed is our greatest calling.

We will be the most successful when we are aligned with our design. The ideas and solutions will flow as we accept our design and embrace our nature. We are here to work. We find joy in work that matches our hearts. This means we have to know who we are. We have to understand ourselves if we are to find work that brings us fulfillment.

Take time to be still. Be present. Allow yourself to be known. Remember who you are at your core. Seek work that reflects your design so that you can have inner peace and joy everyday living as you were designed to. Take courage that deep inside you is a dream of a life that is satisfying.  Your work can be fulfilling and creative in the ways you are designed to be. Start moving in the direction of personal freedom and make this time that you have been given magnificent!